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Top Names in Business and Leadership

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Gain insights from dozens of thought leaders and experts at the intersection of psychology, sociology, economics, and business. Past speakers include Shankar Vedantam, NPR’s social science correspondent and host of the popular Hidden Brain podcast, and David McCandless, data-journalist and author of Information is Beautiful.

Felix Van de Maele

Co-founder and CEO, Collibra

Mary Tetlow

CMO, Collibra

Dan Sholler

Product Evangelist and Influencer Relations, Collibra

Peter Princen

Product Manager, Collibra

Mathisse De Strooper

Product Manager, Collibra

John Wills

VP, Customer Success, Collibra

Philip Carty

Senior Vice President, Field Operations, Collibra

Tom Dejonghe

Head of Product Management, Collibra

Ram Naresh Pratti

Center of Excellence, Collibra

Pieter De Leenheer

Co-founder and VP, Research and Education, Collibra

Stan Christiaens

Co-founder and CTO, Collibra

Valerie Kennon

Senior Director, Content Marketing, Collibra