Data Steward Certification

Albert Lalaj
03 May 2017
3:40 pm - 4:45 pm

Report Certification and Watermarking

Stewards are busy people. Their world revolves around data, providing timely responses to any data related questions, anytime, anywhere, from data governing processes to full business traceability and data lineage.

One of the issues that stewards face is the creation of more and more reports. And it’s not clear which of these reports are better than others. Some users may pull data from different sources without checking if that data is at the necessary quality level. The consumption of certain data elements by a report may also require approval first.

To respond to these challenges, stewards rely on a report certification process which defines an orchestrated pattern of stewardship tasks between different roles to achieve a fully-certified report that everyone in the organization can trust and use for decision making.

Join Collibra University instructors as they offer techniques and best practices for managing and governing reports that stand out and convey trust in your business. During this workshop, you’ll discuss techniques that will help you address daily challenges such as:

  • Identifying and locating the report of interest using advance search options
  • Identifying any critical data elements that the report contains and link them from the business glossary
  • Governing the sourcing of the critical data elements
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities in the report certification process
  • Reviewing and approving business traceability of a report
  • Reviewing and approving data lineage from source to consumer for any critical data element
  • Customizing issue management workflows to meet the requirements of their organization
  • Approving and certifying a report in the Data Governance Center