Data Steward Certification

Vasiliki Nikolopoulou
03 May 2017
2:35 pm - 3:40 pm

Collibra Catalog: Classification, Provisioning, and Data Sharing Agreements

Discover the power of Collibra to enable data scientists, business users, and data users to classify and access data. Expert Collibra instructors will help you understand the capabilities of Collibra Catalog in terms of:

  • Ingesting data from multiple data sources,
  • Enabling collaboration between diverse user groups
  • Enriching data semantics with business and technical lineage
  • Providing a global platform to collect and classify data into datasets
  • Creating and manipulating data usage agreements for the datasets
  • Navigating workflows to ask and approve access to the datasets

The instructors will also focus on helping the work of data scientists in their efforts to select the right data for their research and to manipulate data towards trusted and faster business intelligence results. You’ll also learn why the methods above prevent the creation of data swamps and enable the creation of well-managed, well maintained and efficiently used enterprise information assets.